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Q409. In what year was each source category required to begin reporting?

A409. The following source categories first report covered data collected in 2010:

  • General Stationary Fuel Combustion Sources (Subpart C)
  • Electricity Generation (Subpart D)
  • Adipic Acid Production (Subpart E)
  • Aluminum Production (Subpart F)
  • Ammonia Manufacturing (Subpart G)
  • Cement Production (Subpart H)
  • Ferroalloy Production (Subpart K)
  • Glass Production (Subpart N)
  • HCFC-22 Production and HFC-23 Destruction (Subpart O)
  • Hydrogen Production (Subpart P)
  • Iron and Steel Production (Subpart Q)
  • Lead Production (Subpart R)
  • Lime Manufacturing (Subpart S)
  • Miscellaneous Uses of Carbonate (Subpart U)
  • Nitric Acid Production (Subpart V)
  • Petrochemical Production (Subpart X)
  • Petroleum Refineries (Subpart Y)
  • Phosphoric Acid Production (Subpart Z)
  • Pulp and Paper Manufacturing (Subpart AA)
  • Silicon Carbide Production (Subpart BB)
  • Soda Ash Manufacturing (Subpart CC)
  • Titanium Dioxide Production (Subpart EE)
  • Zinc Production (Subpart GG)
  • Municipal Solid Waste Landfills (Subpart HH)
  • Suppliers of Coal-Based Liquid Fuels (Subpart LL)
  • Suppliers of Petroleum Products (Subpart MM)
  • Suppliers of Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids (Subpart NN)
  • Suppliers of Industrial Greenhouse Gases (Subpart OO)
  • Suppliers of Carbon Dioxide (Subpart PP)

The following source categories first report covered data collected in 2011:

  • Electronics manufacturing (Subpart I)
  • Fluorinated gas production (Subpart L)
  • Magnesium production (Subpart T)
  • Petroleum and natural gas systems (Subpart W)
  • Use of electric transmission and distribution equipment (Subpart DD)
  • Underground coal mines (Subpart FF)
  • Industrial wastewater treatment (Subpart II)
  • Imports and exports of equipment pre-charged with fluorinated greenhouse gases or containing fluorinated greenhouse gases in closed-cell foams (Subpart QQ)
  • Geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide (Subpart RR)
  • Manufacture of electric transmission and distribution equipment (Subpart SS)
  • Industrial waste landfills (Subpart TT)
  • Underground injection of carbon dioxide (Subpart UU)

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