XML Reporting Instructions

EPA has developed an XML reporting schema that allows facilities to upload their greenhouse gas (GHG) data directly in lieu of using the web forms provided through the Electronic Greenhouse Gas Reporting Tool (e-GGRT).   Reminder:  EPA has changed many of the global warming potentials (GWPs) that XML submitters must use to prepare their annual reports for 2013.  The table below highlights a few of the GWPs that have changed.   For a complete list of all GWPs and the years they apply see: e-GGRT Global Warming Potentials.

Comparison Of Selected RY2013 GWPs with RY2013 GWPs
Example CompoundRY2012 GWPRY2013 GWP
Methane (CH4)2125
Nitrous Oxide (N2O)310298

After February 8, the schema Version v4.2 must also be used for all RY2013, RY2012, RY2011, or RY2010 reporting. The XML reporting schema version v4.2 and supporting materials are published below:

Until February 8, 2014, XML-based submissions should be formatted based on Version v3.1 of the schema.

Reporting instructions for XML submissions will be posted below by subpart when they are available. Additional reporting instruction are being prepared at this time. Subscribe to the e-GGRT RSS feed to keep informed on future updates to XML reporting instructions

In addition EPA is providing the following supporting materials:

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